Axiom consulting sponsors Hammers & Ales 2016

November Rush!

Phew! November was a busy month!

It was back to back Meet-ups, Fundraising events and Expos and now we just want to curl up in the corner with a cup of hot chocolate. Just joking! It’s coffee or nothing for us 🙂

Axiom has embarked on the journey of repositioning itself as a solution provider with digital at its core. This exercise has had us host and participate in a number of boutique events and large expos this past month. We leveraged these forums to show-case our front-line solutions around technologies such as virtual reality and the Internet of things. And in a way we feel like musicians on the road promoting the sweet tunes of technology.

November 5, 2016 – Hammers & Ales

Axiom consulting sponsors Hammers & Ales 2016

We kicked off November by sponsoring the charity event Hammers & Ales hosted by Toolbank in Cincinnati, Ohio. The fundraiser celebrates a local brewer who’s most involved in community work by awarding them a “Brewers Philanthropy Award”. The proceeds from ticket purchases from this evening of beer, food and entertainment go to Toolbank, a non-profit organization that sponsors social and development programs in the community. At the event Axiom showcased custom built interactive VR demos that resonated with the Hammers & Ales theme for the evening.

November 6-9, 2016 – PACK EXPO International 2016

Axiom consulting at PACKEXPO international 2016

One of the world’s largest processing and packaging trade show, the PACK EXPO International 2016 was the perfect platform for us to showcase Axiom’s Industry Solutions. In a world of Apple keynotes and lavish silicon valley launches, our strategy was clearly to showcase immersive experiences around Memoir, VEOL (Virtual end of line) and Virtual Reality solutions.

We demonstrated Memoir on a scale model truck with IOT enabled sensors attached to it and simulated package transit conditions. The data collected by Memoir was used in VEOL’s virtual test environment to validate package design for these transit conditions.

VR was however the highlight, where hundreds of delegates thronged the Axiom booth to experience the possibilities that an immersive technology like Virtual Reality can bring to their business. Our VR solution show-cased experiences such as shelf presence, warehouse simulation and management. The turnout at our booth was overwhelming and reassuring of our impact on the packaging industry.

November 9, 2016 – First Batch

We are always looking forward to visit our friends over at First Batch. They are doing some amazing work for the local community as a business accelerator for physical products and local manufacturing. Their annual startup accelerator program is a get-together of entrepreneurs and mentors to collaborate on physical product ideas.

First Batch kicked off this year’s program on November 9. This was Axiom’s second year participating as a product development mentor. During the course of the program Axiom will assist the mentees with fleshing out their product concept by adopting our unique Think Tank session format. Subsequently our team will work with the entrepreneurs in engineering development of product prototypes and designing packaging to expedite their path to market.

Nothing feels better than employing our knowhow to help entrepreneurs and inventors in impacting the local community with their ideas.

November 17, 2016 – Cincinnati VR Meet-up

On the 17th of the month we held our periodic Cincinnati VR meet-up. The goal of the group is to bring the local VR community and interested newcomers together for shared learning, fun, and community strengthening. It was a casual evening of VR demos, drinks, and networking.

So that was the roundup of an event filled November. Feel free to get in touch with us if you are curious about our solutions. Visit the Experience Centers at our offices in Cincinnati and Bangalore to learn and explore all the cool stuff that our designers and engineers are working on.

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