The Innovation Turbocharger is an initiative by Axiom that aims to create a sustainable and scalable framework for turning innovative ideas into proven devices, meeting the needs of consumers in consumer healthcare industry. The objective is to identify, recruit, and incubate device technologies in the Baby Care domain, utilizing our strategy building capability and agile product development workflow.

In this regard, we are seeking breakout product innovations in the baby care
industry. Your product solution will be a non-medicated, over-the-counter device that enhances the daily ritual of baby care and promotes healthy development.

Submissions should address at least one of the three following focus areas:


“I want my baby to enjoy everything the world has to offer without being exposed to the harmful effects of the environment. I feel like I’m making daily compromises between my baby’s safety and experiencing life. I wish there was a device I could use to protect my baby/improve resiliency from the harmful effects of the environment so she can enjoy everything the world has to offer.”

Considerations: pollution, allergens, germs, mosquitos and bugs,


“I want my baby to have the best quality sleep she can because it is important for her recovery and development and helps her have a better temperament during the day. I worry my baby’s sleep patterns are not meeting her physical and cognitive development needs.

I wish there was a device I could use to help my baby have better sleep patterns.”

Considerations: easier to go to sleep, wakes up less, easier to self-soothe back to sleep


“Medicine helps relieve common discomfort, but I wish I could do more to soothe my baby. I worry about using medicine too often and not having relief until it starts to work.

I wish there was a device I could use to provide my baby with non-medicated soothing so she can begin to feel better sooner.”

Considerations: cough & colds, fever, teething, belly pain, stress and tantrums, general aches, pain, injuries