Get the pulse of your shipment

Memoir is the first of its kind Internet Of Things (IOT) enabled Data Acquisition platform that gives you a crystal ball look into your Supply Chain from Plant to Store. Get unprecedented insights into your package performance under transit abuse and empower your engineers with the data to optimize package design.

Memoir supply chain data acquisition overview illustration
memoir sensor collect transit data on transport truck


Our hybrid IOT enabled sensors stick to packages during shipment and measure Stress, Humidity, Temperature, Pressure, Vibration and Location related data under live conditions.

Analyze and report transit data


The mountain of transit data logged by the sensors is analyzed by our experts to give you a comprehensive report on your Packages’ transit conditions.

Packaging engineers optimize transit package design


Empowered by this knowledge your Packaging engineers optimize supply chain package design for precise need and strike the right balance between Safety, Cost and Sustainability.

Multi-sensor configuration

Memoir sensors measure transit data of vital elements such as Strain, Humidity, Temperature, Pressure, Vibration etc. that damage package during movement. Our software turns this data it into meaningful insights that can be used by your engineers to optimize your package design.

memoir humidity sensor


memoir temperature sensor


memoir pressure sensor


memoir accelerometer


gps location sensor