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Our Smart Capabilities

It’s official – It’s a SMART World. Estimates vary but it is expected that around 15-20 Billion IOT enabled devices will be installed globally by the year 2020. From Digitization and Automation of work processes, connecting devices in a home or a business to drive consumption or efficiencies, collecting real time data to extract insights and analytics, the SMART ECONOMY is here to stay.

At Axiom we’ve embraced this truth. While our digital highway vision looks at digitally enabling our services in the consumer understanding to product realization and supply chain continuum, Axiom is also at the forefront of deploying design thinking principles to help inventors, start-ups or big businesses imagine a smarter future. Indeed, as with any new disruptive trend, Start-ups are leading the way with their creativity and imagination in this arena.

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Smart Devices

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Application Softwares

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Intelligent Platforms

As AI and Automation take hold, businesses are looking for a step change in efficiency and productivity to accelerate product development and get to market faster. We have extensive experience in automating empirical work processes or developing new algorithms to accelerate development, instrumenting legacy or new equipment to standardize work processes and creating enterprise or cloud-based information management interfaces to enable quick decision making. Some Examples Include:

  1. Automated Shelf Life prediction platform for an F&B brand to replace decades-old empirical formulae
  2. Integrated Intelligent Lab Equipment Automation and Management platform digitizing lab equipment, streaming real-time lab data and enabling decision analytics.

Data Science

Whether it’s sorting through consumer data, engineering information or supply chain transformations, Axiom’s engineers have demonstrated ability in handling and analyzing large data sets to extract critical insights and drive impactful decision making.

  1. Axiom’s proprietary patent pending technology VEOL provides real-time data analytics and decision metrics for large transit simulation data sets.
  2. Real-time data analytics of large supply chain data sets gathered using Axiom’s proprietary sensing technology
  3. Analytics of Consumer behavioral and transactional data sets to drive critical market development strategies