Packaging Solutions

Our packaging solutions leverage our diverse capabilities to support you across your Package Development Lifecycle. Our expertise has also empowered us to develop a suite of technology products and solutions for the packaging sector.


Packaging consumer research

Meaningful insights for our customers through design-driven consumer and market understanding.

This includes Emerging Market Study, Immersions, Ethnography and Consumer Transactions Experiments.

package creative design

Out-of-box solutions visualized based on user experience, human factors, ergonomics and trends.

This includes RTE and Multi-use Packaging, Personal Care, Device Design.

Package scientific applied research

Fundamental and applied research in the area of process, material and technology for emerging consumer market needs.

This includes Frosting Control Study, Pest Control Research, Colour Modeling, Aerosol Spray.

Package technical design and engineering

Focusing on gathering meaningful insights for our customers through in-depth consumer and market understanding.

This includes Concurrent Engineering,Mold Flow Analysis,DFM/DFA/DFMEA, Scrum Approach.

Simulation forensics and development

Competitive advantage to our customers through virtual validation of product performance and processes.

This includes Consumer Experience ,Process, Compatibility, End of Line

Digitally enabled testing and validation for packaging

Digitally enabled testing for packaging to drive standardisation and information management.

This includes Test Rigs, Mold Flow Analysis, Instrumentation, Tool Design and Development.

Scaleup and commercialization
Expertise in qualification and quality of assurance of package, process and packaging machinery for a commercial launch of products.
This includes Packaging Machinery, Filling Line, Mold & Print Qualification.

Digital enabled transit package design

Memoir - Supply chain data acquisition solution

Memoir - Data Acquisition Solution

Memoir tracks your shipment journey from plant to store using IOT enabled sensors. Get unprecedented insights into your package performance under transit abuse and empower your engineers with the data to optimize package design.

veol - virtual end of line

VEOL - Virtual End Of Line

VEOL is Axiom’s breakthrough patent pending technology to virtualize transit testing thereby allow OEMs and brands to optimally design their products and packaging while unlocking significant opportunities for material savings and driving significant process efficiencies. The analytics engine of VEOL helps drive optimization and rationalization exercises in a timely and effective manner.