Modeling & Simulation

The Modeling & Simulation (M&S) activity at Axiom helps convert initial concepts or ideas into well designed and engineered products. M&S is a strong differentiating capability with customers in ‘underserved’ verticals such as Consumer packaged goods and Consumer Electronics.

The key values that Modeling & Simulation (M&S) brings to the process are integration of different disciplines within the development process, and realizing product ideas. M&S identifies issues or problems upstream and helps engineer ideas better.


Modeling & Simulation tightly integrates with early conceptualization and brainstorming at one end of the development spectrum; Virtual engineering, prototyping, tool design and manufacturing at the other.


Modeling & Simulation supports early mock-ups and prototypes through CAD models for prototyping, close-to-final engineered models of products and selection of proto materials and processes.


Simulation-based engineering is used extensively to validate and identify potential problems upfront in the design process, giving quick feedback during design and engineering to fix potential problems.

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