[Thought Paper] Innovating for India: Consumer Insights and Viable Strategies

Download this thought paper to get valuable insights about the Indian Consumer to fuel your Innovation strategies. In this piece, Satya Rao, Founder & CEO at Axiom, shares experiences and learnings about the Indian consumer, highlighting the dichotomies Indians live with and how this shapes thinking and much more. Much of this is done through examples and anecdotes.

The purpose of this paper is to identify the innovation strategies and to understand the role of innovation in the growth of Indian market leaders.This paper synthesizes recent research on the innovation strategies and provides insights to Indian firms aspiring for market leadership.Innovation Strategy outlines existing and new initiatives and support innovation to implement new consumer-product strategies in India. In order to make your organization more consumer-centric, consumer insights need to be the heart of your organization.Consumer insights are about understanding what makes the consumer tick, and using this as a springboard for developing bright ideas for new products and services.Innovation is bringing the countries and global markets further closer.

Whether we call it a low-cost country, a low income or an emerging market, India presents a huge opportunity for innovation. The economy has been growing at a clip, Consumer spending continues to grow, yet, innovations unique to the Indian context and consumer are few and far between.

This thought paper shares our experiences and learnings about the Indian consumer and discusses various factors which we believe need to be considered in order to arrive at viable innovation strategies.

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