The Digital Highway

In an increasingly connected world, we imagine a digital highway to bring your products to market faster. From aspiration to shelf, our digital highway bridges this continuum seamlessly.

The digital highway - Digitally enabled rapid package development

We believe in the Digital Highway to enable rapid package development. At Axiom, we propose Product benchmarks, Lab solutions, Axiom Process Analysis and Control(APAC), Virtual End Of Line and Memoir-Data Acquisition Solution.

The services provided are Digital Research, Consumer Transaction Experiments, Sales Generation Kits, Lab Management, Virtual Package Testing, Colour Modeling Qualification, Validation and Commissioning, Distribution Packaging Design and development.

veol - virtual end of line


This is Axiom’s breakthrough patent pending technology to virtualize transit testing thereby allow OEMs and brands to optimally design their products and packaging while unlocking significant opportunities for material savings and driving significant process efficiencies. The analytics engine of VEOL helps drive optimization and rationalization exercises in a timely and effective manner.

Memoir - Supply chain data acquisition solution

Memoir - Data Acquisition Solution

Memoir tracks your shipment journey from plant to store using IOT enabled sensors. Get unprecedented insights into your package performance under transit abuse and empower your engineers with the data to optimize package design.

Package testing lab automation and digitization

Lab Solutions

Axiom has developed a solution stack that allows customers to standardize testing protocols in labs, digitize instruments, capture and analyze data real time and manage information online. The solution leverages Real Time Location and IOT Technologies.