At Axiom we continue to acquire new skills and capabilities that help our clients build competitive advantage. Do Write to us at to learn more about these capabilities:

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E-commerce Practice

Whether you are an established brand or an emerging brand in the consumer packaging and products segment navigating an omni channel world, Axiom can be your innovation partner of choice. We can help you address the evolving needs of shoppers as they straddle the retail and online worlds.

Axiom has built the following portfolio of unique capabilities:

•Product and Packaging Portfolio Analysis for Ecommerce – Axiom can study your existing portfolio of primary and secondary packaging by category, region or supplier and analyze their readiness for ecommerce. Based on our analysis we can help you adapt, change or re-design your packaging to meet Amazon’s Frustration Free Packaging (FFP) or Ecommerce Ready (ECR) Packaging guidelines or any other internal specifications or guidelines.
•Product Scouting for Competitive Analyses – We use advanced Data Science tools to help you study the competitive landscape in one or more categories and/or regions. The resulting analysis can hone your innovation strategy or market offerings.
•Packaging for Ecommerce – Axiom’s breakthrough ‘Generative Packaging’ Design process can help you conceive completely new ecommerce ready packaging formats and designs which are uniquely suited to meet the rigors of an Ecommerce World.
•Packaging Performance Evaluation for Ecommerce – Axiom’s proprietary methodology for evaluating packaging for transit and distribution readiness helps brands assess the robustness of packaging in an ecommerce world based on ISTA and similar protocols.

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Engineering & Process Automation

Axiom has extensive experience in developing AI algorithms for Machine learning, Deep Learning, Image Analytics to build prediction models. This practice at Axiom is built around its expertise in application development using ground up proprietary modules in Python as well as OpenSource/Commercial platforms such as AzureML , AmazonML, GoogleAI , Caffe, Tensorflow ,CNTK to develop a variety of custom solutions. The investments we have made on algorithm development capabilities help our customers see breakthrough benefits in every application.

Axiom has extensive experience in application development for engineering application for work flow automation , advanced visualization along with deep science for algorithms which power the custom applications of our automation practice. For routine engineering tasks which are labor intensive and repetitive we build Robotic Process Automation applications using tools and platforms such as UIPath and WorkFusion.

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Data Analytics

Axiom has extensive experience in analyzing Engineering Data, Social Media data and providing analytics for real-time targeted insights that drive critical business decisions and actions. We have built intelligent scalable solutions that handle a wide variety and volume of data including legacy data. Axiom uses a combination of open source and commercial platforms such as Pandas, Bokeh, d3.js, and Tableau.