5 Influencers Share Their Insights On The Future of VR

Have you ever thought of living in the reel world? Do you want to experience the unimaginable? Then Virtual Reality is the answer to this.

Virtual reality is a computer technology that uses VR headsets, sometimes in combination with physical spaces or multi-projected environments, to generate realistic images, sounds and other sensations that simulate a user’s physical presence in a virtual or imaginary environment.

Virtual reality is still in its early stages, but the transformative potential is clear. Virtual Reality is the next internet and has advanced so much to a great extent. AR and VR technologies have been creating huge waves in the market. Not only are these technologies used for gaming, media, curing ailments and architecture, they are used for educational purposes as well.

Virtual Reality is not just an up and coming buzzword in the world of tech, it is the next big platform for all artists to strut their stuff on. And while it will take a while for the VR platforms to become a reality for everyone, there are those who are ahead of everyone else in creating VR art.

It won’t take long for virtual reality to pervade the lives of millions. If you can come up with a use case for VR reducing discomfort you should run with the idea. Now is the time to strike into the heart of the VR industry.

Let’s take a look at the what the VR enthusiasts and influencers have to say  


  1. Ryan A Bell

Ryan A Bell is a digital storyteller, connecter & tech lover.  As Head of Studio at VRScout Ryan is an ambassador and connector for the community and overseas relationships bridging the gap between technology and traditional film. As Founder of Summit.Live, the world’s largest conference centered around nontraditional media, his team bridges entertainment and technology with the mentality of bringing the world together to innovate, connect and educate.

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  1. Benjamin Lang

Benjamin Lang is the Co-founder and Executive Editor of Road to VR and is recognized among the top 10 influential voices in the VR industry


  1. Kent Bye

Kent Bye is a well rounded VR professional. Kent is the host of one of the highest rated podcasts, Voices of VR. He also contributes to RoadtoVR frequently. Above all, Kent is writing a book “The Ultimate Potential of VR” it’s comes out 2017


  1. Rick King

Rick King is an avid tweeter. He most often tweets about technology, games, and most of all Virtual Reality. He’s a Technology Consultant, Graphic Designer, Musician, Composer, Software Programmer, Mobile Application, Unity 3D Programmer, and Virtual Reality Developer.


  1. Rob Crasco

Virtual Reality, Virtual World & 360 Video Influencer / Evangelist / Entrepreneur. Named #5 VR influencer by Onalytica.com Brand/Influencer Connector. Contributing Author on VRScout VR and related promotion on Twitter.


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