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April 2016

[Press Release] Axiom launches ‘Innovation as a Service’ program in Cincinnati to partner with Enterprises on Innovation Initiatives

Innovation as a Service (IAAS) program will help Corporations stay competitive in today’s dynamic rapidly changing market where Agile Startups have an inherent advantage. IAAS partners can leverage Axiom’s agile Product Development, Design, Engineering and Prototyping capabilities to get better return on their innovation. Hosted at Axiom’s 17000 sq. feet Studio in Cincinnati, Ohio, IAAS will focus on the consumer products vertical but…

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[Thought Paper] Innovating for India: Consumer Insights and Viable Strategies

Download this thought paper to get valuable insights about the Indian Consumer to fuel your Innovation strategies. In this piece, Satya Rao, Founder & CEO at Axiom, shares experiences and learnings about the Indian consumer, highlighting the dichotomies Indians live with and how this shapes thinking and much more. Much of this is done through examples and…

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