Digital Practice

As consumers and businesses gravitate toward digital platforms, automation is set to grow significantly over the next 5 years. Axiom’s  digital practice is envisaged to help you brave this digital storm.

UI/UX Design

We cater to digital services such as visual and experience design for web and mobile applications.

Design Research
We develop a deep understanding of user goals, motivations, pain points, and tasks. We combine this with a thorough understanding of the market and competitive products to create the most amazing digital interactions.
UI Design

Attractive & intuitive UI engages the user on an emotional level & emphasizes on product functionality. Integral to a great UI is an aesthetic layout & beautiful UI elements.

UI/UX Design
Interaction Design (UX)

On understanding the goals and user preferences we create an information architecture of the application and structure, conceptualize and prototype interactive experiences.

User Testing

We test the performance of the application through a sample user base to check for efficiency and the user’s emotional response.

Software & Automation

In an increasingly digital world, businesses are looking for ways to digitize and automate work processes to increase efficiencies and productivity.

automate work processes


Axiom’s development teams have extensive experience in taking empirical or established work processes and creating automated platforms to drive efficiencies.

integrate design based thinking with new technology

Technology Design

Further, our ability to integrate design based thinking with technology elements such as RF and RFID and information management layers has played a key role differentiating our offerings from competitors.