New Technology Labs

Our NEW TECHNOLOGY LABS are envisaged to collaborate with our clients to digitally transform their business by employing the most cutting edge of modern technology to their context.

Technology Areas

Axiom Technology  Labs are running active experiments in various emerging technology areas in partnership with its customers. These technologies are being deployed in various contexts from online consumer understanding to shelf presence.

Online consumer research

Digital Ethnography

Developed by our partner MotivIndex this breakthrough methodology tracks conversations online to observe people’s attitudes, beliefs and values. Data gathered from these conversations are then analyzed to extract critical insights. These insights help draw inferences on consumer choices in a specific area or category and help formulate a focussed market plan and strategy. To learn more visit

Virtual reality labs

Virtual Reality

We leverage cutting edge VR technologies and tools to provide digital workflow solutions that can enhance Shelf differentiation, First Moment of Truth (FMOT) and Operational processes.

RTLS and IOT labs


Axiom has extensive background and experience in developing technology Products and Solutions by deploying new and emerging technologies in a meaningful manner. Our team has extensive experience in developing real time location systems, inventory management and supply chain data logging solutions using RF and IOT technology.

beacon technology for retail

Beacon Technology

Out Technology Labs currently running experiments with partners in the area of Beacon Technologies Indoor Positioning systems for retail applications using BLE (Bluetooth Light Energy) technology.

supply chain packaging analytics


Axiom is developing Analytics solutions based on open source platforms for various client applications. A specific application is the active experiments we are running in the supply chain packaging area.