Product Development & Innovation

We thrive on the fuzzy stuff

We manage Product and Innovation programs from consumer research to prototyping and realization. Our practices include:

Research & Design

We leverage observational research tools and design based thinking to study un-met and un-articulated consumer needs.

Product Development

We begin at early exploration with proof of concepts and provide each step through to prototyping and manufacturing coordination.

Packaging Solutions

Our packaging solutions leverage our deep learnings and patented digital platforms to shorten your package development life cycle.

Modeling & Simulation

M&S is a strong differentiating capability with customers in underserved verticals such as CPG and Consumer Electronics.

Our Capabilities

We are researchers, designers, and engineers, but most importantly, we are explorers who combine our expansive capabilities to bring your ideas to life. Innovation is more than a buzzword to us; it is integral to our DNA.


SME Business excellence awards
P&G – Excellence award

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